Issues That Matter to Tennessee.

He is a strong advocate of federalism and the sovereign authority of states as defined in our Constitution. So he will continue working to restore power to “We, the People” and shift the balance of powers between not only the federal and state governments but also their respective, individual branches.

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Lower Taxes.

Fighting to reduce taxes and simplify the burdensome tax system so middle class families and small business owners can keep more of their hard-earned money.

Less Regulations.

As a small business owner, Judd knows first-hand the strangle hold that federal regulations impose on job opportunity and will work tirelessly roll back regulation.

Slash Spending.

We face a fiscal crisis and cannot saddle our children with more irresponsible debt. It’s not enough to just slow the rate of spending but actually make aggressive spending cuts.

Economic Growth.

When government gets out of the way, business owners can create more jobs and higher paying jobs. It’s time to cut taxes and end regulation.

Rule of Law.

We are a nation of immigrants but also a nation of laws. We must work to keep our communities safe and secure, and uphold respect for one of America’s most bedrock principles.

Second Amendment.

Judd believes we must fight to protect gun rights from constant threats by the left trying to strip away our cherished right to keep and bear arms.

Life and Traditional Marriage.

It is among our highest priorities to defend the defenseless, the unborn, and stand for the true definition of marriage between one man and one woman.

National Security.

One of the primary roles of the federal government is national defense. We must defend the homeland and aggressively fight to defeat radical Islamic terrorists.